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Track 08 (Kinetophone)

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"New Delhi psych-rockers Root Murphy cover a vast sonic canvas on the opening phase of their four-part record 'Kinetophone,' and are at the top of their game with dynamics, melodic intricacies, groovy elements as well as strong songwriting."

David Britto, Rolling Stone India

"The tracks in it have an approachable quality, like a stranger does who flashes you a warm smile when you happen to exchange glances on the road."

Shunashir Sen, Mid-Day

Music Artist

Root Murphy

Slowly a feeling that builds to an emotion, nudges an expression that further creates an experience – the spark of an idea that leads to the gateway of an experiment. This journey comes through with the music being created. Much in this journey also includes turning points sparked by the idea to explore: explore expression itself through experiential music and create an immersive environment that transports you to fresh destinations.

Amlan Nayar, poet turned songwriter, guitarist and vocalist, comes together with

Vishwam Raghunandan, drummer and songwriter, to discover more towards this vision with music.

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